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  • Can I buy products from you directly?
    No we are wholesale only but we have a great range of stockists across the East coast, so get in touch and we can point you to your nearest location or online stores.
  • Is the Spicy Tomato spicy?
    No it's not! In fact, the 'spicy' in our Spicy Tomato refers to the abundance of flavours this chutney boasts due to the range of great spices used.
  • Is the Sour Cherry Jam very sour?
    Our Sour Cherry Jam is made from traditional sour cherries that have a slightly tangy note to their otherwise sweet flavour. This gives our jam a great unique finish, but it is not sour, rather it just balances the overall sweetness of the jam.
  • What is Autumn Chutney?
    One of our more traditional products, Autumn combines the sweetness of dried fruit with tomato, pear and apple to create a richly spiced chutney perfect for eating with sharp cheeses.
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